Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He is something special

Shayne and I had a busy weekend. I want to take a minute and brag on my life partner. He's had a very hectic few months. While my sister's mother-in-law was in the hospital, it was Shayne who kept the kids entertained almost the whole time. I would help when I got home, but Shayne was the one they leaned on and had fun with. Now I know they love me, but it's Shayne that they absolutely adore with all of their hearts. As soon as he walks in the door they flock to him like bees on honey.

Where Shayne goes, they go. He's like the Pied Piper!

Most of you know we went on vacation to celebrate Shayne's birthday. I finally got the nerve up to ask him to marry me and to my utter joy, he accepted! Whenever our fine state allows same sex marriages we're going to make it official. It may take years from now, and I'm okay with that. Shayne still wears the engagement band I bought him, and I'm very proud that one day I'll call him my husband.

Last weekend we went to my sister's house for supper. The kids wanted to spend some time with us and even though Shayne was tired, he selflessly agreed for them to come and stay with us for a few days. He played with them, baked cookies with them, read to them and was the shoulder they knew they could rely on.

I know he's tired, but even tonight I came home and had a delicious home cooked meal waiting for me. He always greets me with that dazzling smile that makes me feel good about myself; no matter what kind of day I've had.

We have an appointment to cuddle up together on the couch and watch a movie in a few minutes. It's those quiet moments that I love the best because at the end of the day, I'm with the man I love. Shayne is the one person that makes me happy. I think I might just be the luckiest man I know.

I love you, Baby.