Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Favorite Heroes and my thoughts on Got Mistletoe?

Got Mistletoe? by Andi Anderson, Is a sweet and cozy story filled with plenty of Christmas wishes and holiday cheer. When Ryan and Blake first meet there is an instant attraction and emotional pull between them. Ryan has been down on his luck for some time. Even though he has his share of bad luck, he continues to have an optimistic attitude and a cheery disposition that is contagious to anyone who is around him.
Blake is a wonderful hero. He’s a hard working man who is responsible and reliable and downright sexy! Although he has had many successes with his career, and has a solid relationship with his family, he hasn’t had much luck when it comes to meeting Mr. Right and falling in love.
That changes the moment he meets Ryan. Ryan’s joyful disposition and bubbly attitude instantly draws Blake in like honey to a bee.
I loved this story. Ryan and Blake were great characters, both whom I really cared about. I’ve heard from reliable sources that she plans to continue their story. I sincerely hope she does!

As all of you know, I'm not by any means a professional reviewer, but I do know what I like and what kind of heroes that I get excited about. Ryan was that kind of hero, although Blake was interesting in his own right, too.

Kevin from Car Wash by Shawn Lane, is another one of those heroes. He was determined and kept a positive attitude, even when the chips were down for him. Plus, he was sexy as hell which didn't hurt, too!

Oliver from Bound By Deception by Ava March. Again, sexy and determined. I think I might have a pattern here...LOL!

Kyle from Beyond the Norm. Mysterious, sexy and yes determined to have a better life for himself.

Other honorable mentions are: Tyler Curtis from The Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn Priest, Dave from Precious Ache by Amanda Young, Dante and Cody from Reckless Seduction by Amanda Young (I pretend the second book and the menage never happened), Jamie from Loving Jamie by AKM Miles, Soldier and Dillion from Soldier by AKM Miles and Pablo and Marc from Second Sight by Sean Michael.
Actually Sean Michael writes many heroes I love.

I guess my point to this endless post is this, the hero is what makes the book a keeper for me or not. There is nothing that makes me more interested in a book than a well developed character. All of the authors I mentioned above write compelling characters who aren't the average cookie cutter hero. I want to thank them for taking a chance and writing unique and very humanlike characters.

Thank you, Ladies!

Who are some of your favorite heroes?


  1. My favorite heroes are:

    Kevin from Car Wash
    Kyle from Beyond the Norm
    Jake from Jake's Regret
    Craig from Perfect Man
    Jack and Simon from Duke Pretender (to bad they're straight...grrr)
    ahhh HELL all of Shawn's heroes. Her heroes are all fabulous. Her heroes make her books simply fabulous!

    Oliver from Bound by Deception by Ava March

    Keaton from Without Reservation
    Lainey from With Love
    Aiden and Nate from My Fair Captain
    All by JL Langley

    Tyler Curtis from The Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn Priest

    Ryan from Got Mistletoe? by Andi Anderson

    Ran Yamane from Drawn Together by ZA Maxfield

    Ben from The Highest Bidder by Kate Steele

    Keegan from Eros Rising by Ally Blue (love that hair! He really is sexy!)

    There are many more, I just can't think of them off the top of my head! Grr!

    Fabulous post, Babe

  2. Well it's nice to see so many of my boys listed.

    Shayne, you read Duke's Project, not Duke Pretender. Duke Pretender is Jack's book but I am glad you liked them.

    I love Keaton from Without Reservations, Lainey from With Love, Aiden from My Fair Captain, Sam from Ally Blue's Bay City Paranormal, Ryan from Got Mistletoe, Oliver from Ava's books, Sean and Dan from The White Knight and the Dark Horse. Sean from The Elegant Corpse. There are millions probably.

  3. Thank you, Jack:) Shayne, Eyre, Drew, Gabbi, EH's and your review meant a lot too me. It made my year! It makes me very happy that y'all liked it:)

    The men I frequently re-read again and again are:

    Kevin from Car Wash
    Okay, I agree with Shayne. Shawn writes the best characters. I love all of her men. Kevin is my all time favorite, although I do have a big fondness for Jude. I'm hoping she'll write his story soon!

    Oliver and Vincent from Bound by Deception and Bound to Him by Ava March. I love them both! They certainly are made for each other. I'm still hoping she continues their story, too!

    I loved Henry Shaw from Object of his Desire by Ava March, too. He was a wallflower who deserved his happy ending.

    Hell from Heaven Sent. LOVE HIM! He's fun, flirty and demanding. That accent drives me crazy, too!

    Keaton and Chay from Without Reservation. Keaton is another favorite hero. He's a ball of fire and keeps Chay on his toes. Love them!

    Keegan from Eros Rising. So Sexy! Whew!

    Quan and Jael from Where flows the Water by Sean Michael. I love this book. Quan is quirky and keeps sweet Jael on his toes!

    I like most of AKM Miles heroes, too.

    Rowan and Finn from Letting in the light. It's my favorite May/December romance. Both are great characters.

    Will from Handyman by Claire Thompson. I loved Jack, too. But Will won my heart.

    Dillon from Roughstock and a Smile by BA Tortuga. Love Coke, but Dillon stole the show.

    Tyler Curtis from The Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn Priest.

    SO many great heroes. I'm leaving dozens out! Ryan was my favorite between he and Blake.

    Reviewing over my list it looks like I'm attracted to intelligent, funny, quirky men. I call that darn good reading!

  4. Terrific post, Jack!

    I loved Ryan so he is now one of my favorite heroes.

    I'm joining in the "I love Shawn Lane's Heroes" club.
    Kevin is my fav, but I adore all of them.

    I prefer the nice guy or guy next door kind of hero instead of both of them being all muscled up or perfect in every way. I get sick of that.

    The other day I read a post on goodreads where one of the members gave a book a low rating because the hero was short. I, myself like a diverse/opposites attract heroes and storyline.

  5. Awesome post, Jack!

    Everyone here has listed several of my favorites. Andi, Shawn, and Ava's characters are definitely among them.

    I completely adore Edward from Lynn Lorenz's Edward Unconditionally, and we all know that I wanted to marry AKM Miles' Soldier.

    Bram from Laura Baumbach's A Bit of Rough is super sexy.

    I know that Sean Michael's Jarheads are characters that people either love or hate. There's not a lot of in between there, but I've always wanted a big brother like Rock. He's so strong, and I think his growl would scare all the mean people away.

    I could go on and on with this list.

  6. Love the post Jack... Sometimes all that pushes a book are the characters..

    Some of my favourite reread are
    Phanton Lover- A.J. Llewelyn
    Any of the book with Nate from Carol Lynne...

    and quite alot of the books already mentioned..


  7. Kevin feels the love, :-D

    Um, Jude. Yeah, he's coming. He got pushed to the backburner for a bit but he'll be out in 2010 for sure.

    Great answers everyone! I found myself going, oh I like him too.

  8. Fab post, Jack!!

    Most of my favorite heroes have been named already, but a few haven't gotten a shout-out yet. Noah from Diving in Deep, Payton and Simon from The Englor Affair, and Scotty from At Long Last.

    Thanks, everyone! Ollie, Vincent and Henry are feeling the love :)