Sunday, November 29, 2009

What I'm most Thankful for

It's been a fun and hectic week! Shayne and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving together. It was really nice starting our own tradition. It makes me feel like we'll be starting many more traditions together in the years to come.

Shayne had cooked a tremendous amount of food! One of his specialities is desserts. He made extra desserts and we took them around to some of our friends Friday night. It was nice to spend time with our friends.

We spent the rest of our weekend buying Christmas trees and decorating the house. Normally I let Shayne decorate the inside pretty much on his own, but this year I decided to pull my weight, and do what I could to help him out. Now our house is bright and Christmas-y just like we love it. All that's missing is the wassail and sugar cookies, but Shayne assures me that it won't be long before we have that too!

I've been thinking about what I am most thankful for. I've got a good job, great friends, nice home, worthless dogs and Shayne. He is the light in my life. I'm most fortunate to have such a kind, loving, smart, funny, sweet, beautiful and sexy man to spend my life with. I can live with losing everything else, but I couldn't survive one moment without Shayne's love and the emotional support he gives me. I think that sometimes we take our partners for granted. One thing I've learned this year is to not do that. Every moment we have together is precious and should be cherished. He is what I am most Thankful for in my life.

What are you most thankful for in your life?


  1. I can totally relate to your comment about taking our partner for granted. We try to keep our relationship fresh when we can, but sometimes it's the little things that make it so great.

  2. Happy post Thankgiving to you both...

    Partners, hubsters and significant others are so much underated sometime - thanks for putting all that in words...

    Shayne is a luck, lucky guy - just because you know you already are..


  3. Awesome picture! So sweet!

    I agree with you and Nick. I'm most grateful for my husband and my family.

    I bet your house looks beautiful!

  4. I agree - the job, the home, the friends, the worthless dog (I've got one of those, too)...they are all wonderful to have, and I'm thankful for them. But it's my family I'm most thankful for. I don't know what I'd do without hubby and the kidlet. They are everything to me.

    Sounds like you and Shay had a great Thanksgiving! And thanks for the sweet pic ;)

  5. I love the connection you and Shayne have. It's very apparent how much both of you love one another.
    I'm joining everyone else when I say significant other and family are most important.
    Great post, Jack!

  6. MUAH! I love you, too. Family and friends are the most important thing in my life. I don't know what I would do without you, my BFF and our other friends. I am most thankful for that.

  7. What you and Shayne have is so special! You truly are soul mates. (((hugs)))

  8. Thank you my friends. You're kind words mean a lot.

  9. Jack,

    Your post made me happy. The relationship you have with Shayne is something I am definitely striving and praying for in my own life. My boyfriend and I are working on building trust, feelings and honesty between us, but I know we have a long way to go. I'm praying that years from now, I'll be able to say I've got a soul mate and terrific partner like you and Shayne have found in each other.
    Thanks for sharing. It gives me hope.


  10. We're thankful for you and Shayne, too!