Thursday, November 12, 2009


Our Shell Bell sent this picture to me today. She's aware of my obsession with Christmas Lights and thought this picture was funny. Yes, I am one of those people who must have them up before Thanksgiving. I'm planning on lighting up our neighborhood this year. If I could get away with it, I would pull a Clark Griswald (Christmas Vacation) and cover the entire house with lights.

Shayne would have a cow if I did that!!

When does everyone else put up lights?

Speaking of my little firecracker! He was fired up (still is) this morning when he found out about the Dear Author post in the M/M group at goodreads! I haven't seen him that pissed in a while! We've both decided if they don't stop that theme, we're going to quit the group. Not goodreads, just the group. It's unfair for authors to be on the chopping block like that in such a generalized and public way.

That's just the way we feel about it.


  1. Hi, Sweetie!

    I don't do Christmas lights, but I love to see them. You go ahead and do the Clark Griswald thing. Shayne might have a cow, but I'm sure you could persuade him to see things your way. ;)

    I've said my piece about the Dear Author thread in that thread. It's okay to tactfully critique a book in a review or a book discussion thread; that's what reviews and discussions are for. But of the three letters posted, one was not a true critique. It was an open-handed smackdown, and it left me very uncomfortable. I'm hoping this will all blow over, so I'm sticking with the group for now. However, I will not participate in that thread.



  2. Hey Jack...

    Love the picture, I wish you all the best in convincing Shayne to light up the neighborhood..

    As for good read -

    I agree with Eyre - I have said my piece... I need to start paying more attention to those email that drops into my inbox..

    Have a good week guys...